Wendy Cox

Landscape Artist

The sun is coming up
behind the wind turbines
a ball of fire
arising on the dawn
of blues and pallid hues on sea and marsh
colour begins on Pett cliffs
the grasses are wet in the dew
drops of glass on every blade
white light the sun has turned
as the sea goes out islands appear
and seabirds gather around
the lugworm diggers have come
like cranes they bend
blues of the sea and sky
the Giotto fresco of monk, dove and tree
the fishing boat is heading back
the curlew sings and sea gulls
the sea noise, the waves so small
it is the pull as the sea goes out
Velasquez the clown of painting


The rumble on the ground
as the sea pounds and drags
the boulders back and forth
the mighty waves rise dark
and break into light and froth
draw back into the depths
with a mountain of water
builds up is pushed
forward with mighty force
what are we against the force of nature
great rocks fall from the cliff
the sea can toss and turn them smooth
trees have fallen off the cliff
heavy with shape and weather
against the man made smooth sea defence
trees so strong grown from the earth
could break my bones
but the wind can make them fall
so heavy to the ground
from a seed you grow, from sunlight, water and earth.


The heron in the twilight of the sky
and two egrets rise white
as the outline of bushes and trees grow dark
circles of light in the lake as fishes take air
up the hill bright orange is the sky
the sheep stare in their creamy warm coats
the clouds almost reflect the sheep over the sea
two fishing boat lights are on
A bat flies and vanishes
the three oak trees stand out
against the luminous sky
the largest at the front
like the dome of St Paul’s
the air is alive with night
the silent secret movement
on the march road back
the delicate thread of skeleton plants
pattern the space
the plough and orion are in the sky.


In the early morning
when the sun has warmed
the fishing boat is down on the shore
and waits while the tide comes in
the time of the full moon
so the tide is drawn
lines of small waves moving fast
as the sea is pulled in
four swans swoop round doing their circuit
over the pale blue sky.
and as the sea comes in, the vast space
while the sea was out, grows smaller
and the fishing boats are nearly ready to go
full with busy people
against the cliff, it singing of ancient times
as seven boats are off.