Wendy Cox

Landscape Artist

Stream of unconscious, element of chance, order out of chaos.

It will take about fours hours when the painting will be completed. The paint being applied straight from the tube, only if the paint breaths in the image made in front of me.

All this will take place after maybe a month or more of looking and working, most days if possible I’m in the same spot in my fishing tent.

The accident of the mark and paint from the subconscious of looking for a long time records it exactly. I can feel the physicality and my subconscious can take over, painting straight from the tube of paint.

Since 2003 all my work has been done outside in an area of East Sussex, a part of the Romney Marshes at Pett Level. In recent years I moved to paint on the beach in a fishing tent, the reason being to see the sky facing a different way, facing south. In the landscape I had the sun behind me, in the seascape the sun moves round in front of me, which makes me question how to make colour from light. The difference between the white light of the sky and the white waves.

“I think every work of art should survive after all the labour bestowed on it, and survive as a sketch. To the last it must be something struck off at a first heat.”

Letter by John B Yeats to his son William in 1906


St Martins School of Art
BA Hons Degree in Fine Art

Royal Academy School
Post Graduate Diploma MA (RA)

Past exhibitions and studies:

2014 Exhibition as part of Coastal Currents Visual Arts Festival based in Hastings and St Leonards

2012 Solo show at the Rye Creative Centre

2010 SOCO South Coast Artist Member Show

2010 Coastal Currents Open Studio

2009 SOCO South Coast Artist Member Show

2009 South East coast Open Studios Show Winchelsea

2008 South East Coast Open Studios Show Winchelsea

2007 South East Coast Open Studios Show Winchelsea

2007 Beacon House, Hastings SOCO Member Show

2006 Todd Gallery Hastings Group Show

2006 Rye Art Gallery, Rye, East Sussex Group Shop

2006 St Mary’s in the Castle, Hastings.

2005 SOCO South Coast Artist Member Show

2002    Started creating oil paintings outside in the landscape at Pett Level

1995    Study of the nude figure through the use of black brush drawings

1993    Work shown at Rye Gallery, Sussex

1991    Show at Stables Gallery, Hastings

1990    Show at Lauderdale House, Highgate showing landscapes painted in the south of France

1986- 1991 Completed several commissioned portraits and began work on a number of large interiors.  A series of water colour studies of the cliffs and sea in Sussex and a set of water colours of the landscape in the south of France

1986    Show at Upper Street Gallery, London

1983    Show at “The Peoples Gallery” London

1983    Travelled with Fossett’s circus in Ireland studying and painting the figure and the interior light and colour in the circus tent. Captured the moving figure in practice and performance in water colour

1982    Pick of Graduate Art – Christie-s London